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Insurance Dispute Solicitors

Insurance Dispute Solicitors

Recovery assist have the experience, ability, and knowledge as insurance dispute solicitors to help you with your disputed insurance claim.

Are you facing a disputed insurance Claim?

Insurance policies act as a financial safety net, helping individuals and businesses alike recover after something bad happens. So, when YOU or YOUR BUSINESS suffer a loss that’s covered by your policy you expect to be paid out. It can come as a shock when your insurer uses the small print to knock back your claim. As insurance dispute solicitors, we will hold your insurers to account if they unreasonably reject your claim, refuse to pay you what your claim is worth, or give you some other reason not to pay you.

Disputed insurance claims

How we can help you with your disputed insurance claim:

  • Find out if you have a valid claim
  • Understand the small print in your policy
  • Interpret the policy terms and exclusion clauses
  • Assess any allegation of misrepresentation and non-disclosure
  • Advise regarding breach of conditions precedent
  • Advise regarding breach of warranty

Our services cover advice and assistance, correspondence with the Insurer to argue your case, formal complaints to the Ombudsman and Court proceedings. If you need insurance dispute solicitors, you can get in touch to discuss your case and requirements today.

Types of claims

Life insurance

Critical illness


Home insurance

Car insurance

Pet insurance

Travel insurance

Business insurance

Other insurance

Common reasons insurers refuse claims

  • The policy was not in force when what you're claiming for happened.
  • The policy is invalid because you didn't tell the truth when you applied for insurance or failed to disclose something which could affect your claim.
  • The policy is invalid because you deliberately or carelessly withheld information or misled your insurers.
  • The item is not covered by your policy. There is an exclusion clause in the policy which means that you can't claim for what's happened.
  • You've missed some of the instalments of your premium.
  • You didn't tell your insurer about a change in your circumstances.
  • You haven't followed the claims process correctly.
  • You haven't kept to a condition of your policy.
  • You have exaggerated the claim and are trying to claim for more than you should.
Common reasons insurers pay out less than the amount claimed

  • You have under-estimated the total value of your claim and do not have enough insurance to cover your losses. This is called being underinsured.
  • Your insurer thinks that you have put an unrealistic value on your claim and will only pay you part of it.
  • Unless you have a new for old policy, the item for which you are claiming was old, and your insurer will pay you less than the cost of replacing it with a new item. This is because you have already had some use from it.
  • There is a limit in your policy on the amount the insurer will pay for any one item.
  • You have to pay an excess.
  • You deliberately or carelessly withheld information or misled your insurers when you took out, renewed, or changed your policy and the insurer would have charged a higher premium because of this.
Beware of Time limits

It is crucial that if you disagree with an insurer’s decision, you start the dispute process as soon as possible. You must take your complaint to the Ombudsman within:

  • Six months of receiving your insurer’s final response.
  • Six years of the event that you are complaining about. If it is more than six years from the event, you can send your complaint within three years from when you knew about or could reasonably have known you had a reason to complain.
If you are outside these time limits, you can still refer the complaint to the Ombudsman. They may still investigate your complaint, as long as the insurer doesn’t object. If the insurer objects because the time limits have passed, the Ombudsman will not investigate your complaint.

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