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Illness while abroad claims

The figures for UK residents travelling abroad for their holidays continue to rise. At the same time, food hygiene standards continue to pose a problem causing food poisoning and other gastric illnesses.

Food poisoning is unpleasant at the best of times, but experiencing this whilst abroad can be even worse, especially if you have been saving for your holiday for a long time. We understand how frustrating and debilitating this can be for you, and we are here to help you get the holiday illness compensation you deserve.
Illness while abroad claims

No Win No Fee Illness While Abroad Claims

Recovery Assist is a leading Illness while abroad claims solicitors, so we can help you receive the compensation you need and deserve. Call Recovery Assist on 0161 762 4949 or tell us about your accident and we will call you.
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Can I claim for an illness abroad?

Common types of illness can include:

  • Salmonella
  • E-coli
  • Botulism
  • Campylobacter
  • Nausea/sickness
  • Diarrhoea
  • Dehydration
  • Stomach pain
  • Fever
  • In serious cases - nervous system damage, paralysis or death
If you have suffered with an illness whilst abroad in a hotel or on a cruise ship; you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Our specialist holiday claim solicitors may be able to make a claim either against your tour operator as a result of the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 or against the hotel, cruise operator or any other identifiable party who has caused your illness.

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