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Road Traffic Accidents

Emergency vehicle accident claims

Have you been involved in an accident with a police car, an accident with an ambulance or an accident with a fire engine?

It’s a common myth that an emergency vehicle responding to a 999 call, is allowed to ignore red light signals and enjoy total protection for any accident that may result. The law states that emergency vehicles must show the same duty of care as any driver, even if they are travelling at a greater speed than normal.

Police vehicles, ambulances and fire engines have to acknowledge red light signals as a “give way” sign and must stop to check the road ahead before proceeding. In addition, they cannot drive through a junction unless it is safe to do so.
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No Win No Fee Emergency Vehicle Accident Claims

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Can I claim for an accident with an emergency vehicle?

Accidents involving emergency vehicles can be extremely complex as the rules and duties associated with emergency response driving are different than those that apply to the ordinary driver. In addition, many of these accidents occur at or near a busy, congested junction, and involve the motorist being unable either to brake or move over to avoid the approaching emergency vehicle. The facts of the case are all important to your chances of success of compensation and so if you have suffered personal injuries in an accident involving emergency vehicles it is essential that you seek expert advice from an experienced personal injury solicitor.

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