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Road Traffic Accidents

Scooter & moped claims

Like motorbike users, we understand that you’ve chosen to use a scooter or moped as a cheap and convenient way of getting around our busy towns and cities. So the last thing you need is to get knocked off your scooter or moped or be involved in a road traffic accident.
scooter moped claims

No Win No Fee Scooter & Moped Claims

Recovery Assist are leading Scooter & Moped Claims solicitors, so we can help you receive the compensation you need and deserve. Call Recovery Assist on 0161 762 4949 or tell us about your accident and we will call you.
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Can I make a claim?

Many scooter and moped riders are young people who have had no option but to use this mode of transport because of increasing insurance premiums for young car drivers. Being a young or inexperienced rider can make you more vulnerable than other road users but that doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to make a successful claim for your scooter or moped accident. Recovery Assist personal injury solicitors can deal with your scooter or moped compensation claim on a no win no fee basis. We can even deal with your claim if the driver of the other vehicle involved left the scene of the accident – see our section on Untraced/Uninsured Drivers.

Your scooter or moped:

We can arrange for an engineer to inspect your scooter or moped and either help to get it repaired or get you the best value for it, if it’s a write off. If your scooter or moped has to be repaired we can arrange for a hire replacement. Sometimes, we hear from riders who say they can’t face getting back on their scooter or moped so soon after the accident and would prefer a car to get around as an alternative. Either way, we will listen to your needs in order to get you back on the road as soon as possible, if you are up to it.

You and your injuries:

We work with a number of local rehabilitation and clinical specialists, including physiotherapists as well as having access to a network of national clinics – all of whom can get you back on track. If you are unable to work, we will claim back for your loss of earnings. We can also help you recoup the cost of replacing expensive damaged protective clothing, boots and helmet. Recovery Assist personal injury solicitors understand that your injuries could be so severe that you might need help from family and friends and we can help to claim compensation for your care and assistance.

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