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Disputed Insurance Claims

Disputed Home insurance claims

Home insurance should pay out to replace your property or repair your house if something unforeseen happens. Policies are generally split into buildings and contents cover; they are generally policies of indemnity which means they aim to put their policyholders back in the position they were in just before the loss or damage occurred. If you’ve had a home insurance claim refused, or you have received less than you expected we will review your claim.
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No Win No Fee Disputed Home Insurance Claims

Recovery Assist is a leading Disputed Home Insurance Claims Solicitors, so we can help you receive the compensation you need and deserve. Call Recovery Assist on 0161 762 4949 or tell us about your accident and we will call you.
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If you think that you have been underpaid or not paid at all over a disputed home insurance claim, contact us today.

Common claims on home insurance policies:

Fire claims - Whether it’s a candle, chip pan or chimney fire, electrical or appliance-related, or a cigarette or arson blaze, a fire can bring extensive damage to your home or commercial premises. If you have had your claim refused, rejected, disputed, or your insurers have paid you less than you are claiming for - you may be entitled to claim. Contact us for a no obligation assessment. Flood claims - With climate change bringing in more frequent and intense rainfall in the U.K., flooding is becoming a prevalent problem across the country. If you have made a claim for a flood that is refused or disputed, we will help you get compensation from your insurers. Leak claims - Leak insurance claim, also known as “escape of water”, refers to when water has leaked from somewhere inside and caused damage. Usually, your policy will cover these incidents, but water coming from somewhere like an overflowing bath or drilled through pipework, may only be covered if you have accidental damage insurance. Whether due to a flooded washing machine or dishwasher, a leak from a failed water tank, a frozen or burst pipe, or dripping from an old or corroded pipework within a water or central heating system. You could also find yourself dealing with shower unit leaks or those caused by blocked drains. If you have made a claim for a leak that has been rejected by your insurers or if your insurers have refused to pay you the full amount claimed contact us and see if you can make a claim. Impact claims - An impact insurance claim is when your property has suffered damage from an external source. For instance, your property may have been damaged by a falling tree. Or, perhaps a motor vehicle lost control and collided with your property. Apart from the stress and shock that these events cause, chances are that the structural integrity of your property has been affected as a result. Storm claims - If your property has suffered damage due to severe weather, you will have to submit a storm insurance claim through your insurance provider. If your storm damage claim has been refused, we can challenge your insurers and advise you whether their rejection is fair. Subsidence claims - Subsidence is when the ground below your home sinks. It puts your home at serious risk of damage as the foundations can become misaligned, causing your walls and floors to move, and become unbalanced. Subsidence can be caused by a few different issues:

  • Weather – subsidence can occur when the ground below your house shrinks or swells due to the weather.
  • Leaky drains – leaky drains can wash away the soil under your home or make the ground so saturated that the foundations give way causing it to subside. 
  • Roots – if planted too close to your home they can grow longer as they search for moisture and go under your home.
In some cases, where your home is built can cause a problem too. Insurers commonly refuse subsidence claims and sometimes that decision is unfair and open to challenge. If this is true for you, we can help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Why has my home insurance claim been rejected?

Insurers can refuse to pay a home insurance claim, and there are quite a few common reasons they use:

This involves making a claim for something that’s not actually covered by your insurance policy. For instance, your home insurance policy may not cover its contents. And even if you do have contents insurance, your policy may not include accidental damage. This is why it’s so important to go over the exact wording in your policy to ensure your claim is valid.

Insurers reject some people’s claim on the basis that you have not provided them with full facts or disclosed information that you ought to have when you took the policy out. It’s important to always be truthful when making a claim and do not try to hide previous claims to keep your no claims bonus.

This may appear to be a feeble excuse, but insurers have been known to reject claims because those making them have not followed the proper process laid out in the policy. To avoid having your home insurance claim denied, take a close look at your policy and try to follow the process as closely as you can.

This is damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal wear or ageing. Most insurers will decline claims where they believe the damage was caused by wear and tear, and therefore caused gradually. If you think about it, everything will wear out eventually, and an insurance policy can’t protect you from that.
The majority of insurers stipulate in their policy that you must inform them that you intend to claim immediately after an incident has occurred. As always, take a close look at your insurance policy to make certain that you’re following the correct claim procedure.
Less scrupulous insurers may very well try to dismiss your claim by quoting some obscure technical small print present in your policy. They may, for example, dispute whether a stolen or lost item was being used for personal or business purposes, refusing to pay if business items are not covered. That’s why you should read the small print to make sure you know what your policy does and does not cover.
If your house has been burgled and its contents stolen because you neglected to lock the front door when you left home, this can be an excuse for an insurance company to refuse a claim based on your lack of due care. Basically, it’s something that you’ve done (or not done) which leads to an incident which then prompts a claim.

We will help you assess whether your insurers refusal to meet your claim or pay you less than you are claiming for is reasonable.If you have a problem with your home insurance claim, contact us at 0161 762 4949. Our insurance dispute solicitors can offer you advice and assistance to help resolve your claim.
Our services cover advice and assistance, correspondence with the insurer to argue your case, formal complaints to the Ombudsman and the issuing of court proceedings, where necessary.

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