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Disputed Insurance Claims

Disputed Life insurance claims

Life insurance is designed to provide an income or lump sum to your loved ones (beneficiaries) if you die prematurely. Such policies should pay a beneficiary in a timely manner upon proof of death and compliance with policy terms and conditions. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and the cover you have might not do what you expect it to do.
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No Win No Fee Disputed Life Insurance Claims

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Can I make a life insurance claim?

When a claim is made, all too often insurance companies reject the claim or pay out less than you expected. Beware when a pay-out is rejected, policyholders are often encouraged to accept a partial settlement or a simple refund of their premiums as a “goodwill gesture.” This ultimately only saves the insurance provider money. If you think your life insurance claim has been unfairly rejected or you have not received the settlement you deserve, contact us.

Reasons life insurance won't pay out?

The most common reason for a life insurance claim being unsuccessful is due to non-disclosure. Non-disclosure applies to the information you provide at the outset of your policy. It is this information that is used to determine the risk you pose to the insurer, and your premium will reflect this level of risk. If the insurer believes you have withheld details or provided misinformation, they can decline your claim. For example, if the cause of death was as a result of a pre-existing medical illness that you were aware of prior to application but didn’t disclose, or past or present substance misuse you didn’t mention.
Most life insurance policies implement a contestability clause of 12-24 months from application, meaning that if you pass away during this period, your death can be investigated further.
Misrepresentation is defined as the deliberate, reckless, or careless omission of information and it applies to any information given over the lifetime of the policy. Some examples include providing false or incomplete information about income, medical history, occupation, and hobbies.
Most people pay for their cover through monthly premiums. If a policyholder fails to pay their life insurance premium payments and the premiums are not up to date this can cause the policy to lapse.
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