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Disputed Insurance Claims

Disputed car insurance claims

Motor insurance is compulsory in the UK for motorised vehicles that use the public roads. Even if you do not use your vehicle, you are still required to insure it, unless you officially register your vehicle as off the road. It is designed to protect you if any accidents occur which involve your vehicle.
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No Win No Fee Disputed Car Insurance Claims

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The primary uses of car insurance

The primary use of car insurance is to provide financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from road traffic accidents and against liability that could also arise from incidents in a vehicle. Some car insurance may offer additionally financial protection, but what is covered depends on the type of insurance you have.

There are 3 main types of insurance.

The minimum cover required by law in the UK. It covers you against costs that arise as a result of injuries you cause to other people and damage to their vehicles.
This cover is the next level up and provides basic third-party cover (as above) but also includes theft of your vehicle, and damage to your vehicle during theft and fire.
This is the most wide-ranging cover and includes everything covered by third party fire and theft. In addition to this, medical expenses, personal effects, accidental damage, windscreen coverage and loss of or damage to your vehicle are also covered.

Why has my car insurance claim been rejected? / Why have I only been offered partial payment of my car insurance claim?

If you make a claim for something you’re not covered for in your policy.
If you do not keep up with your insurance payments. For example, if you change banks and your direct debits are not transferred.
Failing to update your address or having an expired driving licence or MOT can invalidate your insurance policy.
Where you’ve not provided information that affects your chances of making a claim. For example, if you’ve made modifications to the car or changed the car midway through insurance and not notified your insurer.

If you’ve given information that isn’t 100% true. For example, insuring your car in the name of someone who is not the main driver to reduce the premium is a type of insurance fraud called fronting, and will invalidate your policy.

If you’re only covered for domestic, social and pleasure use, you won’t be able to claim if you have an accident when using your car for business purposes.
If an accident happens because your car isn’t roadworthy, your claim may be turned down. The same is true if the cause of the accident is lack of care at the wheel.
If you have an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your claim is likely to be rejected.
Most policies state that you must take reasonable care to protect your vehicle from loss or damage. If, for example, your car is stolen after leaving your keys inside it or if you drive your car irresponsibly, then you may not be covered.
if you give your car keys to a potential buyer and they drive off with it, you will probably invalidate your car insurance.

If you have not followed the claims process correctly or notified your insurers of the incident giving rise to the claim in the required time frame, your claim will not be accepted.

Just because your insurers say NO or offer you less, you don’t have to take your insurer’s word for it.
We see lots of disputes around vehicle valuations and whether the theft of the vehicle is covered.
If your car insurers have disputed, rejected, or paid you less than you were expecting we can investigate your complaint. The starting point is the wording of your insurance policy.
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