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Slips, Trips or Fall Accidents

Footpath or road accident claims

Your local highways authority has a duty to maintain footpaths and roads but all too often, a loose paving stone or an uneven path or grate can lead to you tripping and falling – and being badly injured. If this has happened to you, you may have a valid personal injury claim for compensation.
Footpath or road accident claims

No Win No Fee Footpath or Road Accident Claims

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The local highway authority’s duty is to:

  • Have an appropriate system in place to inspect the roads and footpaths for defects on a regular basis
  • Repair any defects

Have you been hurt because of a slip, trip or fall on a footpath or road?

If so, you should take details of any witnesses to the accident and take photographs of the defect and the surrounding area as soon as possible. You should also report the accident and attend your GP surgery or hospital and make sure that you explain how and where your injuries were sustained.

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