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Disputed Insurance Claims

Disputed Travel insurance claims

Travel insurance covers a variety of risks relating to holidays.This can include the cost of replacing lost or stolen items, help if you are unwell or injured or if your travel plans are cancelled.
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No Win No Fee Disputed Travel Insurance Claims

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If you think your critical illness insurance policy has been refused, disputed or you have been underpaid, contact us today.

What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance covers a variety of risks relating to holidays. Commonly they provide cover for:

  • emergency medical expenses.
  • the extra cost of coming home either early or late due to illness.
  • the cost of cancelling a holiday for specific reasons defined under the policy.
Policies also usually cover other things as well like:
  • lost money
  • lost baggage
  • travel delays
  • missed departure
  • claims for injuries
Some policies also have add-ons either offered free or for an extra cost. These can be things like:
  • personal liability cover
  • overseas legal expenses cover
  • personal accident and death benefit
If you made a claim on your policy and things didn’t go as you expected, get in touch and we will review your policy terms and conditions to find out what you’re covered for and why the insurer isn’t paying out. If you have a claim, we will help you get the pay out that you are entitled to.

Why has my travel insurance claim been rejected/reduced?

The excess is the amount of the claim that the insurer won’t pay at all.  It is typically between £100 and £200.
Exclusions are things for which you’re not covered and are usually found in the small print.
An insurer will only refund reasonable costs. If these are too high, you may have to pay for part of them yourself.
For example, if you left bags or other personal items unattended.
Insurers may pay out less than you’re claiming for, to allow for wear and tear of your belongings:
  • You left valuables in checked-in luggage
  • You didn’t tell the insurers about a pre-existing medical condition when you bought the insurance.
You need to have proper documentation to support your claim. For Example Claims for stolen baggage, will require a police report as evidence of theft, while trip cancellations will need receipts and itemised bills for all expenses and documentation to support the reason for cancellation
  • The claim arose as a result of you taking part in extreme sports or other risky activities.
  • You travelled against FCO or WHO advice
If you have a problem with your travel insurance claim, contact us. Our insurance dispute solicitors can offer you advice and assistance to help resolve your claim. Our services cover advice and assistance, correspondence with the insurer to argue your case, formal complaints to the Ombudsman and the issuing of court proceedings, where necessary.
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